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Tesla Removes Disney+ In Escalating Feud Between Musk and Iger

Tensions appear to be escalating in the feud between Elon Musk and Disney CEO Bob Iger.

Electric vehicle news website Electrek reports that Tesla has removed the Disney+ app from some of the vehicle’s infotainment systems. Some Tesla owners have verified this story, leaving bewildered posts on social media about Disney+’s sudden disappearance.

“I can confirm that Disney+ has been removed from my Tesla Model S,” tweeted Whole Mars Catalog.

“I am not feeling good about this decision. Shouldn’t it be free will, if people decide to turn away from Disney?” wrote @enriquemoreno.

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Musk vs. Iger

If true, the move comes in response to Disney pausing its advertising on Musk’s social media platform ‘X’ after he appeared to endorse a contentious antisemitic theory online.

A furious Musk lashed out at Disney (and CEO Bob Iger) during an interview at the New York Times‘ Dealbook Summit, saying that he would not be blackmailed by corporate money.

“Go F$% yourself,” he said at the time.

Now Tesla CEO Musk appears to be putting some bite behind his bark, limiting access to Disney+ for some Tesla drivers. According to Electrek, not all Tesla owners were affected by the blackout—only those who never used the app before.

Still, the feud has left some Tesla drivers quite testy.

For example, an X user named @teslahoe tweeted: “So Disney+ has now been removed from Tesla vehicles. I’m assuming this is in retaliation to Disney pulling advertising from X (which they have every right to do). So now I, as a mom, get to deal with telling my toddlers we can’t watch Disney+ while in our Tesla and deal with their upset feelings because 2 grown men can’t have a civil discussion and move on.”


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