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Boost Productivity with Coworking Spaces to Prevent Burnout

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People who work remotely often overwork. In just roughly two months, there is every chance of professional burnout. An interesting paradox arises: when a person spends a couple of hours traveling to work and back, he feels freer. How do we identify the symptoms of burnout, enjoy work again, and make remote work comfortable? Let’s look into burnout and coworking spaces as thoroughly as possible.

What problems can coworking solve?

Professional burnout is not an empty phrase and not an excuse. This is a real state in which a burnt-out employee begins to work worse, loses interest in the business, and a previously attractive profession becomes unbearable for him. If nothing is done, a person may even develop depression. Therefore, the fight against burnout is also the responsibility of the employer. How can coworking spaces help with this?

Coworking allows to go beyond the walls of the employee’s home. There will be more development opportunities. The employee will still be able to go to work at workshare offices and leave it at will. But at the same time, he will begin to meet people, make useful acquaintances, and exchange experiences.

Working from home is likewise fraught with distractions. Trips to the grocery, obnoxious neighbors, and youngsters – the employee is in the thick of it all. Productivity declines since there is no conducive environment for work. Employees will benefit from coworking. Distractions are removed here, so people may concentrate only on their tasks. The house will become a comfortable location to unwind and spend time with family and friends. Finally, there will be a clear separation between their personal life and professional obligations, which will prevent stress and overwork.

Coworking will help increase the company’s income. All visitors to the shared workspace can be potential clients or partners. They will help you find contacts of people who will provide profitable orders. You can also hold negotiations and business meetings within the walls of a coworking space. It has the necessary facilities for conferences, meetings with customers, and establishing long-term relationships with partners.

What else does coworking offer?

Friendly atmosphere

Coworking spaces typically maintain a friendly business environment. Employees are surrounded by working people, which in turn allows them to get into a working mood. Moreover, the spaces are fully equipped with the necessary equipment and look great thanks to high-quality repairs and daily cleaning.

Flexible working options

Coworking is an opportunity to create a flexible office, one in which there are no strict regulations and employees are not tied to a specific location. Now the office sphere is changing in principle: people more often work from home, from cafes, from coworking spaces. Many people are introducing a flexible start to the working day so that both night owls and early risers can start at a time that suits them. This flexibility will allow the employee to organize their working time more comfortably, and therefore get more pleasure from work.

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Equipped rest areas

Coworking spaces allow you to relax and change your surroundings at any time. They are often equipped with kitchens and special relaxation areas, cozy and comfortable, allowing you to relax and not think about the difficulties of work for some time. Periodic breaks have a beneficial effect on the quality of work, so do not think that this will reduce efficiency. On the contrary: the experience of many large companies shows that employees who take better and more frequent rest, as a result, work more productively and are less prone to burnout. In addition, a pleasant environment, aesthetic design, and good views from the window are also factors that influence employee satisfaction.

Wrap up!

Protection against burnout is important and helps not to lose valuable employees, but at the same time increase their productivity. Coworking spaces can help with this – along with the competent organization of processes, entertainment events, and good working conditions.

In addition to moving employees to coworking spaces instead of working from home, implement wellness programs.

Many coworking space members enjoy perks like good Wi-Fi, coffee, and a nice desk. However, additional wellness benefits can go a long way toward helping members feel happier and healthier, which can help prevent burnout. This could include things like holding yoga classes indoors, bringing in someone to provide massages for members, or partnering with local spas and offering special deals on services for your members.

You can also offer healthier beverages, host fitness classes or partner with a local gym, encourage walk breaks (or coordinate a group walk or run for lunch), and create outdoor spaces where participants can get some fresh air and vitamin D.

Again, these are simply suggestions; how you implement them is ultimately up to you, but the main goal is to empower employees to deal with the stress that might contribute to burnout.

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